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The pinhole images from Rants and Rituals were contact printed directly from a 20x24” paper negative. There is no enlargement, so there is no loss in sharpness. All other images on this site were photographed using a Mamiya RB67 medium format film camera.


All darkroom photographs are printed on high quality double weight fiber base paper, and archivally processed. Most are also toned with either sepia or selenium toner. Prints from the series Remnants of Identity are pigmented inkjet prints on rag paper.


All images on this site are available in print form. Rants and Rituals prints are all 20x24”. Most others are approximately 16x20”. The images from Ephemeral Beings are also available in book form. Ephemeral Beings is a book of 50 glossy duotone images with accompanying text.


Send inquiries by E mail for additional information on either prints or the book.

All images© David G. Moore


Book Prices

Ephemeral Beings...$13.99

Print Prices

8 X 10"...$150

11 X 14"...$195

16 X 20"...$500

20 x 24"...$700

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